Thursday, April 8, 2010

the next 4 years

As I am writing this post I am sitting in the bed of my dorm room at boarding school. I have called this place my home for the past two years for better or worse; but as i sit here pondering the last two years of my life and thinking about the next four, I cant help but freak out a little.
Deciding what college I go to is probably the most important decision I have made in my life so far; sure moving 2000 miles away from home when i was 16 was a big deal, but not one that I have to live with for nearly as long. I worry that I will waste copious amounts of money, that I'll hate the program, that I wont make friends. But I guess it is a leap that we all have to take.
So now I will take a few deep breaths, a hot shower, and then go onto the Christian Louboutin website where I can obsess about something that's a little more frivolous.

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  1. I know picking out a college is one of the scariest decisions that you'll ever have to make, but I also know that no matter where you end up, you will make the most of it and it will take you to the stars just like you deserve.