Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer (do blondes really have more fun)

So I am well aware that my blog is mostly for me and the occasional best friend who will sneak a peak, but as the Oregon skies try their best to clear and i find myself reaching for a popsicle versus a chocolate bar I come to realize that summer is the time for communicating with my old friends and letting my new ones get to know me a little better.
So this summer I have decided to do everything I have ever wanted to do and never done, and above all else HAVE FUN! So i have traded in my mocha locks for something that will make me see with "Party vision" as Maura and I like to call the sunny disposition of the worlds favorite optimists. THE BLONDES
Things i am Loooving this summer

-The World Market jewlery section

-Local coffee shops

-4 mile long walks to find swings

-My new Frye heels

-watching sci-fi shows in my room

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the next 4 years

As I am writing this post I am sitting in the bed of my dorm room at boarding school. I have called this place my home for the past two years for better or worse; but as i sit here pondering the last two years of my life and thinking about the next four, I cant help but freak out a little.
Deciding what college I go to is probably the most important decision I have made in my life so far; sure moving 2000 miles away from home when i was 16 was a big deal, but not one that I have to live with for nearly as long. I worry that I will waste copious amounts of money, that I'll hate the program, that I wont make friends. But I guess it is a leap that we all have to take.
So now I will take a few deep breaths, a hot shower, and then go onto the Christian Louboutin website where I can obsess about something that's a little more frivolous.